One of the most common questions we receive is about how to best clean your sweaters. The answer depends on many things; composition, thickness, type of knit construction, etc.

If you have a light, fine gauge cotton sweater, it will dry quickly but is at least as delicate as a cotton t-shirt. We recommend that you wash it in the machine with like colors on shortest warm cycle in a wash bag or inside a pillow case. The reason is so that it doesn’t tangle up with other garments in the machine and to protect it from excessive abrasion. After the spin cycle is complete you can hang it on a hanger and let it air dry, or block it to shape and let it dry flat on top of a towel. Steam out wrinkles with a hand steamer after the sweater is fully dried.

A chunkier cotton sweater should be cared for in a similar way, but be prepared that it will take longer to dry, since cotton naturally takes a long time to dry. You can get a head start by putting the wet sweater in a bag after the spin cycle and let it partially dry in the dryer. Remove while moist and let it finish drying flat. Steam to shape or iron with a damp cloth.

A sweater made out of wool or a wool blend receives almost the same care instructions as cashmere. Hand wash in warm soapy water or place in a bag or pillow case and wash in the machine on delicate cycle. Wool will dry quicker than cotton, but is best when allowed to dry flat on a towel. Wool responds well to steaming and will bounce back for years if cared for correctly. Always protect your wool with a damp cloth if you decide to iron it, as your iron can otherwise leave irreversible glossy marks on your wool sweater.

You get the idea. A sweater is delicate no matter what, but can be cleaned with soap and water as long as you take your time and follow some practical steps. You can always bring it to the dry cleaner, but we encourage taking the extra time to help reduce the negative impact of harsh dry cleaner fluids on our environment.


Obviously, our tees are machine washable. To prolong the life of your tee and ensure that the print remains as vibrant and shimmering as the day you bought it, you should do the following:

  • Sort the laundry into similar colors
  • Wash on delicate or warm cycle, not hot. Shortest cycle available on your machine.
  • Turn inside out before washing
  • Do not wash with other rough clothing such as jeans and cargo pants
  • Hang dry your tees for ensure they retain their shape and to prevent the surface from getting worn looking
  • If you want you may iron inside out with a damp cloth, or steam your tee to release the wrinkles