LABEL+thread was born out of our desire to create a brand that honors craftsmanship and design. We live and operate in NYC and draw from the energy and rhythm of urban life when deciding what to explore to make a new collection.  Our design team is inspired by patterns, colors and artistry from all over the world. We source our ideas from near and far, travels and shopping. We use natural fabrications like cashmere, cotton and wool because we find it the best, the purest and tested by time.

Our technicians put their years of experience to the test when sourcing the best materials for the job, the optimal construction to satisfy look and function and the whims of our design team. The primary goal is to give you, our customers, the best and most unique product to find a home in your lives and closets.

We recognize that as creators of consumer goods we contribute to global environmental stress on the planet. We aim to reduce the negative impact our business imposes on our environment. Where possible, we make choices to reduce, reuse and recycle. Natural fibers are not only the most luxurious choice in our opinion, but have the added benefit of lasting longer and being biodegradable. Each season we evaluate our practices and the use of raw materials to help improve the world we leave behind.

We have only one filter when deciding what will make it into the collection – is it special enough to deserve a spot? If we don’t think so, it doesn’t make the cut. Everything you do in life should bring you joy. We hope to bring a smile to your lips by adding artisanal touches, hand stitches, pop colors and unexpected details. We hope that you will join our philosophy and start your own personal collection of cherished things that make you happy. 

Catrin + Theresa